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Notable Dates in Canadian Military History
Listed by month

16 January1991  Gulf War begins
01 February1968  Canadian military forces unify
28 February1991  Gulf War ends
25 March1885  North-West Campaign
02 April1949  NATO Accord signed
09 April1917  Battle of Vimy Ridge
16 April1945  Last Canadian ship lost in WWII - HMCS Esquimault
20 April1915   Galipoli (Royal Newfoundland Regiment)
29 April1991  Gulf War official cease-fire
03 May1915  Second Battle of Ypres ends (Second of three)
07 May1945  Battle of the Atlantic Ends
08 May1945  Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day)
12 May1958  NORAD Created
31 May1902  South African (Boer) War ends
06 June1944  Normandy Invasion (D-Day)
23 June1945  United Nations created
25 June1950  Korean War begins
01 July1916  Battle of the Somme begins
01 July1916  Battle of Beaumont Hamel (Royal Newfoundland Regiment)
10 July1940  Battle of Britain begins
10 July1943  Invasion of Sicily
27 July1953  Korean War ends
31 July1917  Battle of Passchendaele begins (also called Third Battle of Ypres)
04 August1914  World War I begins
07 August1950  Canada announces entry into Korean War
15 August1945  Victory Over Japan Day (V-J Day)
19 August1942  Dieppe Raid
02 September1945  World War II ends
03 September1943  Invasion of Mainland Italy
08 September1993  Battle of the Medak Pocket, Croatia
10 September1939  Canada declares war on Germany
11 October1899  South African (Boer) War begins
31 October1914  First Battle of Ypres begins (First of three)
31 October1940  Battle of Britain over
11 November1918  Armistice Day - World War I ends
12 November1917  Battle of Passchendaele ends (also called Third Battle of Ypres)
30 November1916  Battle of the Somme ends
06 December1917  Halifax explosion
10 December1988  Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to peacekeepers
20 December1915  Evacuation of Galipoli (Royal Newfoundland Regiment)
25 December1941  Fall of Hong Kong