Royal Canadian Legion Branch #33 Shediac, NB

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We were vis with our friends who just moved to New Brunswick to get a ribbon or pin as I am a veteran from Harrow Ontario Branch 338.We had a great chat with the acting president and a cold draft or two.We preceded to leave and got as far as the parking lot when a tall gentleman yelled to us that my wife left her purse under the table and had it in his hand.Many thanks to this person in saving it for my wife.He should be commended.Thanks to Branch 33 in having such honest members.

Looking for information on my Grandfather, I believe he was a member of this branch prior to his passing. Wondering if anyone at the branch can be of Service?

nice templette but could use somme french

Good job. Soldier On! In Mike's case, I guess I should wish a Fair Sea, A Following Wind, and a well stocked wardroom!

looks great!

Looks good , now I have a place to stop when I am headed north.

Looking good